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Ribbon.asp is an Ribbon Control designed to be used in web forms only, it is inspired by i ow him the idea.
the difference between these 2 libraries is the later one is a set of Usercontrols, this one is packed into standalone dll. and there is some other features too.


  • .net framework 4.0
  • ajaxControlToolkit

Ribbon Control basic components

the ribbon consists of a Ribbon container which is the main control
Ribbon container consists of a set of Zones, the zone is like a tab.

each zone consists of a set of Groups separated by a gray separator

each group consists of a set of columns

you can add as many controls as you can in one control.

Road map

  1. drop down file menu
  2. create a set of controls for Ribbon styles
  3. ribbon proxy ( create the basic tabs in master page, and use proxy ribbon in each page )
  4. multiTheming

I am following the agile topology .. so each 2 weeks i will do a release till I finish this road map

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